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Posilift has been helping customers solve repetitive lifting, moving placing materials handling problems since 1990.

We have regional centres in China and Australia and a growing number of local partners in the Asia Pacific Region.  We have also assisted Multinational companies by installing solutions as far afield as Russia, Romania, Morocco and Mexico. Our growth comes from our wide range of products and solutions, the quality of our equipment, the quality of our solutions, our customer focus and our customer service and support.  We combine the local knowledge and experience of our branches and local partners, with the knowledge and experience of our suppliers. It is likely that Posilift or one of our suppliers has already solved your handling problem somewhere in the world.  So if you have a repetitive handling problem CONTACT US at the office closest to you.

Or call Posilift Global on Tel:+61 2 9415 1914  or Email: We will have the solution that best meets your need and budget.

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