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Other Industries

Our combined range of lift assist devices from Armtec, Knights and Famatec gives us a virtually unlimited ability to solve repetitive handling problems across most industries. We have have solutions for the Paint Industry, General Engineering Industry, Energy, Casting, Rubber, Military…..the list goes on.  We have the solutions for lifting heavy or awkward loads, we have solutions for clean environments, we have solutions for explosive environments. Call us for a solution to your handling problem.

Lift, Move, Rotate, Incline, Position:  Our equipment is designed to suit your application.

Many Gripping Styles:   Pneumatic or Mechanical Grippers, Vacuum Suction, Magnets, Forks, Hooks.

Many Confirgurations: Column, Overhead Fixed, Overhead Trolley Mounted; Floor Trolley Mounted.

Posilift’s skill is to solve your handling problem and to supply the solution that best meets your need and budget.

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