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Auto Parts Industry Applications

Posilift has extensive experience in the supply of lift assist devices to the Auto Parts manufacturing industry.   Our Lift Assist Devices – Industrial Manipulators, Balancers and Servo Hoists have been used for the handling of such auto parts as dashboards, sunroofs, tires, doors, side panels, front wall, car seats, transmissions, clutches, chassis, axles, engines, engine block, cylinder seat cover and exhaust systems.

Lift, Move, Rotate, Incline, Position:  Posilift offers a wide variety of Lift Assist Devices for the easy and safe repetitive handling of products in the Auto Parts Industry.

Many Gripping Styles: Pneumatic or Mechanical Grippers, Vacuum Suction Cups, Magnets, Forks, Hooks,

Many Configurations: Column Mounted, Overhead Fixed, Overhead Trolley Mounted or Floor Trolley Mounted.

Our equipment is specifically designed to suit your operation.

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