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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Applications in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries include the handling of bags, small and large drums, pails, containers, rolls, pallets.  Specific applications include the measured pouring from a drum into a vat, moving products from conveyor to pallet;  stacking or unstacking products, moving bags from pallet to a mixer; handling rolls onto a wrapping or labelling machine and many others.  Depending on product and application, we can design our end effector to handle you products one at time or in multiples.   Our equipment can be adapted for explosion areas and clean rooms,

Lift, Move, Rotate, Incline, Position:  Our equipment is designed to suit your application.

Many Gripping Styles:   Pneumatic or Mechanical Grippers, Vacuum Suction, Magnets, Forks, Hooks.

Many Confirgurations: Column, Overhead Fixed, Overhead Trolley Mounted; Floor Trolley Mounted.

Posilift’s skill is to solve your handling problem and to supply the solution that best meets your need and budget.

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