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Aluminium Rail

The lightweight aluminum rail eases installation, and reduces overhead load requirements, while still providing up to 5,500 lbs [2,495 kg] load capacities. Our aluminum rail is the ideal solution whether your load is located directly under the system or cantilevered off to the side.

Posilift offers eleven(11) different series of aluminum rial that is available in multiple shapes and configurations.The lightweight Aluminum rial eases installation and reduces overhead load requirements.The Aluminum Rail load capacity varies by size and lengths of hanger spans.

Enclosed Track Rail – extruded from high strength aluminum alloy hat allows for the trolley to travel inside the rail.

Curved Rail – split into two halves allowing for the trolley traveling inside it to transfer loads in the “X” and “Y”directions.

Tool Rail – is easily installed on C-Channel or angle iron structures.

Engineered Round Rail – ideal for low friction vertical or horizontal linear movements.

Engineered Linear Rail – ideal for floor mounted or wall mounted low friction horizontal movements.

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