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Servo Hoists

Knight Servo Hoist Systems are Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) that provide controlled transfers of workloads. Intuitive, Programmable, Fast.  Servo Systems enable an operator to simply grasp the handle and move the load with instantaneous response. No button pushing required.  They have a lifting capacity of up to 900kg (200lbs). The Knight Servo Hoist Systems are user friendly, increase productivity, and provide improved ergonomics and safety for workers.  Standard or custom options are available to allow for various programmed product functions.

Servo Hoist Systems increase productivity by eliminating wasted motion, reducing reaction time, enhancing reliable precision and speed for any application.  As an extension of an operator’s natural movement, this technology greatly improves accuracy and repeatability of the application

Six Reasons to choose a Knight Servo System?


Servo systems are intuitive and require little to no worker training. The operator will experience Instantaneous Response, when the handle is grasped. Some Knight Servo handles can be equipped with a Photo-eye that senses the operator’s hand which enables or disables the servo system.


Servos systems assist your natural movements, by combining safety and ergonomics; it makes heavy loads feel weightless.


The user can control lifting speeds, combined with setting acceleration and deceleration rates. The system monitors the weight at all times and can quickly react to loaded and unloaded conditions. Virtual limits up and down to set work envelopes and slow down zones. Additional I/O comes standard to all systems to assist in interlocking with added motions for a safe condition. The Servo Tractors can be programmed to create a virtual path to return tools to a home position or a pre-set position.


Maximum Servo Hoist lifting speeds up to241 fpm (73.5mpm) and maximum Servo Tractor travel speeds up to 175 fpm(53mpm). By controlling your work envelopes and precise positioning you will increase cycle time.


Chain is more durable when balancing weights in excess of 250 lbs. [113kg] and/ or when high cycle rates are encountered. Cable has a greater tendency to fray or “birdcage”. Chain makes this system virtually maintenance free.


All of the Servo Hoist features here add up to increased productivity, improved ergonomics for workers, and a safer work environment.

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