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Foundry Industry

Foundry uses of lift assist devices include the handling of sand molds, sand cores, dies, molds, wheels, precision castings and other castings. We can supply manipulators lifting up to 900kg and with an extended radius of 6 metres; Balancers lifting up to 1,275kg and Vacuum Lifters for attachment to cranes to lift up to 26 tonnes.

Lift, Move, Rotate, Incline, Position: Our equipment is designed to suit your application.

Many Gripping Styles: Pneumatic or Mechanical Grippers, Vacuum Suction, Magnets, Hooks.

Many Confirgurations: Column, Overhead Fixed, Overhead Trolley Mounted; Floor Trolley Mounted.

Posilift’s skill is to solve your handling problem and to supply the solution that best meets your need and budget.

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