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Ixtur MRP-170 Pneumatic Magnet


Ixtur MRP-170 is a pneumatically controlled neodymium permanent magnet that is suitable for gripping parts with different shapes. The compact size combined with high gripping force make them versatile for various applications including: lifters, grippers, fixtures, production automation, robotic solutions, end-of-arm-tooling, etc.

MRP-170 is capable of handling both round and flat parts, which is usually problematic for magnet grippers.

Ixtur magnets do not change their magnetic state if compressed air is lost - e.g. in case of a damaged hose or compressor malfunction. This feature provides reliability and safety to material handling.

Unlike vacuum lifting solutions, Ixtur MRP-170 handles also perforated material. The magnet consumes significantly less air than vacuum grippers, because compressed air is used only to switch the magnet on and off. MRP-170 can handle solid and perforated material, flat and round parts, made of steel or cast iron alike.

Ixtur Pneumatic Magnet MRP-170:

  • Maintenance free

  • Good size / gripping force ratio

  • Gripping force:

    • Flat surface: 5.0 kN (WLL 170 kg with safety factor 3)

      • Material thickness: 25 mm

    • Round surface: 3.5 kN (WLL 120 kg with safety factor 3)

      • Material diameter: ≥120 mm

  • Durable construction

  • Can be installed in any orientation

  • Handles also perforated material and round parts, and for both steel and cast iron

  • Can be used with a large range of material thicknesses

  • Please see the brochure for detailed technical specifications

Download Brochure

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